How to Generate Leads Using CRM

I guess, every entrepreneur will be having this question, “how could I generate more number of leads in a short span of time and what are the different sources involved in the lead generation process?” Leads are imperative for businesses of all sizes and types. Without leads, businesses cannot generate profitable revenue. Every business needs high-quality and sales ready leads to reap maximum profits.

Does your business generate high quality and sales-driven leads? What are the different techniques would you like to implement for the generation of the high-quality and sales driven leads? Name a few, if you can! Do you utilize the solutions of the robust CRM software to produce the new sales-ready leads?

I know, you will definitely ask me this question, “How could I use CRM system to generate, nurture, and qualify the new leads?

Here you go, this article will explain you how you could take the advantage of CRM software in the lead generation process. Here is a step-by-step explanation:

  1. Understand and Prioritize Your Leads

In the lead generation process, you should understand that all leads are not created equal. As a business, you will receive different kinds of leads in which there are a few that are warm and ready to learn more about your company’s products and services. At first, you should give a priority to the warm leads as they are readily showing an open interest to become your customer. You just need to identify – what are their pain points, and should provide an excellent solution to their business problems. This can create a positive impression about your business in your client’s mind, instantly make your client to be happy and satisfied with your business and become your customer. In the future, there might be a chance that your client can refer your business to the others; this can help you in getting more number of leads to your business.

  1. Use CRM to Capture Your Client’s Information

In a day, a business can generate some hundred’s and thousand’s of leads. Out of them, there are different categories of leads such as:

  • Warm leads – Showing an interest to purchase your company’s products and/or services.
  • Warm but not yet ready – These are willing to buy, but not yet ready because of the various reasons such as budgetary issues, non-availability of CEO etc.
  • Cold leads – They are not at all happy with your company’s products. However, you can turn the cold leads into the sales-ready ones using CRM software.

However, to turn the leads into your customers’, you should first understand about your leads, their pain points, and the types of problems they are facing. You can use CRM system to monitor and analyze your lead’s actual needs, interests, preferences, tastes, demographics, age, purchasing habits, online behavior, browsing history, social media conversations etc. By using this information you can evaluate your lead’s current tastes and preferences. Accordingly, you can customize your marketing plan and devise an effective marketing promotional content that can evoke the interests of your targeted audience and motivate them to become your customers’.

  1. Clean CRM Data On a Regular Basis

Remember; don’t ever create a marketing campaign or an email promotional content with the bad data available in the CRM system. It is impossible to generate a higher number of leads using the bad CRM data. Therefore, at first you should maintain a clean CRM database by clearing the bad data and by following a set of guidelines while entering the new data. This can include the customer name, company, email address, product interested, mobile number, address etc.

In addition to this, whenever a new activity is performed, you need to update the status of the customer’s account profile and at the same time ensure that the updated data should be relevant and accurate. This can make your business more productive and efficient. Moreover, on a regular basis, try to schedule the data cleansing and the consistent audit trails for the data quality. This can make your data to be remained in the good shape always and can be effectively utilized for the various marketing campaigns.

A business always wants to generate the highly qualified targeted leads. However, you can use CRM systems; this is one of the most powerful solutions to generate the right targeted leads, to record and analyze the customer data, and to convert the new leads into the sales ready customers’.

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Emma James is a freelance content writer at SutiCRM, who frequently blogs on Business, Marketing, Sales, ERP and SaaS trends.

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