Email Marketing for Financial Services

Email marketing for financial services is the best way to stay in touch with your clients. It enables companies to keep communication with their target audience in a way that is inexpensive and direct. It is an excellent method of conveying information to customers regarding your new products and/or services. Large and small businesses use CRM solutions that allow them to send messages to their clients on a regular basis. Bpm’online offers its great products for email marketing for financial services.

Benefits of email marketing for financial services

Email marketing can be used for the following:

  • Send reminders about loan payments
  • Send new offers to their customers
  • Provide transactional emails to clients
  • Keep customers informed about your company’s news and updates
  • Use surveys to increase interaction with clients

BPM tools for business operations

BPM (business process management) products offer effective solutions for financial services. The use of BPM tools results in optimization of staff work concentrating them on organizational and revenue-generating activities. At the same time, business process management software allows reduction of management supervision of employees with the help of reports. Automation of business processes helps increase quality and work optimization. BPM systems encourage growth of business as customer satisfaction grows. Implementation of business process management results in attracting of new clients.

Great campaign designers

CRM (customer relationship management) products allow you to develop and carry our great marketing campaigns. Bpmonline CRM is extremely helpful in many key areas, such as campaign designing, email marketing, campaign analytics, and others. The use of CRM tools helps you get maximum results from your email communications with just a few mouse clicks. Email marketing for financial services tools will provide guidance from creation of bulk emails to tracking responses. You can segment your target audience and plan mass mails within a short period of time.

What you can do with CRM tools

Using customer relationship management software, you can:

  • Create your own email campaigns. You don’t need any special knowledge to do that – just choose a template and fill it with the content you need.
  • Send generic or personalized emails to all or some of your customers. Mailing can be done immediately or on schedule, to millions of subscribers.
  • Use tools allowing easy and fast analytics of your email campaigns. Communication with customers is greatly improved with the help of comprehensive analytics of click rates.
  • Get immediate response to your emails. The system automatically detects and removes all hard bounces. Email clicks will be displayed, and the most popular ones will be marked with color.

email marketing for banks

Email marketing services

Many industries rely on email services heavily as they help build relationships with clients, serve as an effective tool to bring new customers, and assist in retaining longtime customers. Nowadays, customers expect personalized and relevant messages. When sending emails to individuals, companies need to understand what applies to them and use contextual email marketing principles. The most common challenges for businesses include introduction of new products or services, delivery of company’s updates, communicating new policies and prices as well as trying to be in line with the customers’ changing demands.

BPM systems offer best solutions for email marketing for financial services. They provide robust business process management platforms that have all the required tools for email marketing. Using BPM software, your company can reach customers with your updates in a personalized and direct way. Besides, customer relationship management software, as part of BPM solutions, has analytics to keep you informed about what is relevant for your existing clients. Automation allows easy and fast bulk emails sending.

Benefits of integrating email marketing and CRM services

Email marketing for financial services is based on CRM data, such as demographics, age, gender, job title, etc., which results in more successful and personalized emails and fewer unsubscribes. Integrated CRM tools ensure your data integrity, since they allow for quick updates of existing information and provide relevant information for another marketing campaign.

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