18 ways to generate more B2B sales leads

The first and foremost consideration that any company struggles to tackle in any B2B platform is generating qualified leads which have an exclusive potential to turn into customers or prospects. A lead is very different from generating sales or just a mere business inquiry. If a list of arbitrary names is designated as lead lists, then it is a complete misnomer. On the contrary, even a simple business inquiry does not always transform into a concrete lead. A person asks a question about a product or service does not mean that he or she is interested in buying the product.

#Top 18 ways to generate more B2B sales leads

  1. Engage in fruitful conversation: If your prospective lead asks you questions, it would be very bad if you just offer him or her link or a database. Physical presence through video calling, chats and optimization of conversation about the product is a strong weapon in lead gen process. Face to face or e-mail conversations, and regular responses can arouse the prospect’s curiosity in your business or service.

  2. Cold calling and cold e-mailing: Obviously, this has nothing to do with making your hot leads cold. Cold emailing as a B2B lead generation can include personalized and rigid business templates to even a ‘Happy Birthday to your, David’ message. On the other hand, cold calling involves calling for the first time to leads and getting their feedback and interest areas by phone. It gives the sales development representatives and immediate feedback from the customer.

  3. Chalk out the plan A for your customers, and try to locate the displeased ones from your competitor’s brand: One of the best aspects of a competitive lead generation is to hunt down unhappy and dissatisfied customers from your competitor’s brand. If you find out that some customers are dissatisfied with the other company due to cost or price issue, because they cannot afford the other product, then it can turn out to be a boon in disguise for your company.

  4. Active customer referrals: This is perhaps the simplest way to generate more leads. A host of satisfied customers, whether you have a beauty salon, or a garment or cosmetic business, your company can thrive only when you have a host of happy referrals who can refer your company name to other major prospects and enhance the quality of active lead generation.

  5. Building a strong and cohesive B2B sale leads a network that can work toward the progress of your company: For any active lead gen technique to be successful, you need to have a well-integrated flow of information through regular networking. You can customize sales techniques and also channelize more leads through meetings, business and charity meet, corporate functions and even product launching and press meeting sessions. Contacts are vital in this domain if you have to succeed in an active B2B lead generation.

  6. Activating a partner sales channel is equally essential: Proper response rates as per which prospective clients or customers respond to sales lead can be accelerated through partnership channels, which can be both paid and unpaid. For instance, if you are selling business stationery online, you can always aim at having a partner channel that sells office stationery and furniture, to further your active leads.

  7. Use proper lead databases: Lead generation cannot thrive without an active directory or database to regulate mainstream future prospects. Use your own knowledge, start searching through an active market policy and also create your own database and do not just follow a competitor’s stock of information for furthering your B2B sales leads.

  8. Using marketing automation is important for lead generation: Generation of leads through marketing automation technique can fetch outstanding results in B2B sales. The simple process is that, when you collect a new source of multiple e-mail addresses, then with the help of marketing automation you can nurture the leads and feed more data to your existing lead. Once there is a progression in the purchase cycle, then automatically the sales team can pick them up.

  9. Chat with your prospective clients on live chat windows: For an effective lead generation, you need to keep a constant track of the audience, and lead generation can only take place if you build up a good market reputation with the audience through live chats. According to finance and marketing studies and databases, about 42% of customers respond positively when they are initiated into a live chat session.

  10. Creating e-books for your product, business or service: Lead generation is an active platform that uses multiple features of B2B marketing strategy through e-books that show relevant details, information, charts, and diagrams about the company features and benefits. For example, if you are selling perfumes, you can start an e-book featuring the perfume bottles, types of perfumes and how to keep updated about the latest fashion and perfume trends.

  11. You can become a recognized business and online social media expert: Active lead gen techniques can become more conspicuous and fruitful if you start guest blogging, posting guest posts, speaking at events and setting up your own LinkedIn groups to channelize more sales potential.

  12. Getting your company product or service reviewed is must: Lead gen techniques to work out more effectively when you have a positive review of your B2B sales process and company outlook from an industry expert. It is important to get your business reviewed on third-party websites to show how it is better than other companies in a competitive scenario.

  13. Creation of lead magnets is essential: Lead magnet is a special data or a tool that can be used in your B2B sales variation. You can create something for free and circulate among your prospects and friends arbitrarily. This will generate more leads.

  14. Generate valuable online reviews: B2B sales and active lead generation can also take place when your company has honest and genuine reviews. About 82% of B2B customers take interest in a certain company after browsing through multiple reviews. However, if you resort to dishonest or fraud reviews, then your company ranking in the search engine results can suffer a heavy penalty.

  15. You can also try out lead generation advertisements that are relevant and that provide a continuous source of updated information to the clients. Direct use of Facebook and Twitter ad can facilitate response in this connection.

  16. You can also set up a better logo, content, and benchmark to generate more B2B leads. Lead generation through a colorful and attractive logo and a designer trademark registered name of the company can attract more customers and generate potential revenue.

  17. B2B sales through paid ads: Lead gen for B2B sales can be increased with a heavy traffic to your website with the help of paid ads. Use time and dedication to create an informative website that can generate more ads and revenue.

  18. Create a remarketing list: Finally, for lead generation for B2B sales, you need to harmonize remarketing strategies, and even if one visitor leaves your site, make your company ad visible on other sites to increase traffic.

There are multiple ways in which a company or business can generate productive leads. A proactive managerial procedure with a target-oriented sales team, hardcore systematic social media optimization, and brand management are some of the finer aspects that facilitate active lead generation.


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