Searching for the best sales management software

Sales professionals are perhaps the most overloaded members in any commercial organization as they have to work with a large bulk of data coming from various resources, simultaneously execute numerous tasks, immediately act upon changes and exceptions in the everyday business processes, handle customers’ issues, and perform dozens of other responsibilities.

But on top of everything else, sales specialists have to win as many deals as possible. To ensure this, business owners today rely on progressive sales management software – an intelligent program intended to help salespeople orchestrate and control every aspect of sales processes, while enabling the staff to work more efficiently and win more deals with fewer efforts. The matter is, there are too many sales tools and options at the software market, so it is difficult to find the best one. An ideal solution for a sales and marketing department accommodates the following requirements:

  • Account management
  • Contract and document automation
  • Customer database management, segmentation, and auto enrichment
  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Campaign management capabilities
  • Sales performance monitoring
  • Social collaboration panel
  • Territory management

Here are the picks of the most sophisticated sales management suites with the help of which firms can streamline sales operations, manage the consistent communication between teams, partners and clients, keep the employees highly motivated, and thus, boost overall productivity and increase profits.


bpm'online sales management software

The world’s best-known sales management system, bpm’online supports every instance in the sales lifecycle, from lead capturing and nurturing to deal closing and repeat sales. What makes bpm’online an outstanding system is that it is an original platform incorporating three different products (sales, marketing, and customer support) in one solution.

The solution makes it possible to automate mission-critical sales processes and orchestrate a complete customer journey. The intelligent features of bpm’online are great for sales processes modeling, running, and analysis, customer information gathering and consolidation, orders/invoices management and tracking, marketing campaigns creation, delivery, and evaluation – the sales management capabilities of this software are next to endless, the main of which include:

  • 360-degree customer view
  • Business rules management and process automation
  • Account management
  • Field sales management
  • Knowledge database
  • Lead lifecycle management
  • Multichannel campaign studio
  • Opportunity management
  • Pipeline automation and sales forecasting
  • Product catalog management
  • Proposal generation
  • Referral tracking
  • System customization
  • Team collaboration panel
  • Third-party apps synchronization


Ambition sales management

Considered as one of the best sales management software solutions, Ambition is all about sales and reps performance monitoring, scoring, and visualization what makes this tool ideal for the sales personnel motivation and engagement. The technology provides the tools for creating a competitive environment, such as the users can design custom sales contests, route real-time statistics directly to the users, receive insightful reports on sales events and more. This cloud software features:

  • Sales, individual, and team KPIs tracking
  • User highlight feed auto-generation
  • ROI tracking
  • Sales pipeline analysis and forecasting
  • API, CRM, and Social media integration
  • Real-time notifications and scheduled reports



Another top performer among cloud-based sales management product is AmoCRM with its powerful capabilities of managing a pipeline, tasks, and opportunities. Small and medium size enterprises apply to AmoCRM in order to minimize the loss of leads and enhance the sales conversion. The product allows for reviewing activities of every sales rep in the real-time, managing customer information straight through the system, building personalized marketing campaigns, etc. The key competencies are:

  • Account management
  • Contract management
  • Email, VoIP, and website integration
  • Lead management
  • Sales analytics
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Sales quota and territory management
  • Tasks management and notifications

Agile CRM

Agile CRM

Designed specifically for sales professionals, Agile CRM helps enterprises find new prospects, manage one-to-one email communication, and keep track of the customers’ activity in social media.  Cloud-based software for sales management, Agile CRM is suitable for companies of any types and sizes. Taking the best from CRM, the program lets its users segment the customer database according to various parameters while the inbuilt campaign wizard aids in building and sending personalized messages via different channels. The main tools of this solution are:

  • Lead generation
  • Contact management
  • Email automation and validation
  • Calling and messaging directly from the sales management software
  • Marketing campaign builder
  • Team collaboration
  • CRM and Google services integration
  • Sales analytics and tracking

By providing a holistic overview of all ongoing sales activities of a firm, is considered one of the best software for sales management for businesses in any industry. This web-based product helps to reach out and manage communication with clients, organizing tasks and reminders, automating email campaigns, tracking lead and customer information, and managing the entire sales workflow. To drive these benefits,  comes with solid functionality:

  • Built-in one-click calling, messaging and emailing
  • Campaign management
  • Multi-channel interaction
  • Commission management
  • Customer database maintenance and segmentation
  • Lead capturing, qualifying, and nurturing
  • Opportunity management
  • Analytics and reporting on sales processes and teams/individuals performance
  • Territory management
  • Other systems integration/data migration


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