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Marketing automation is a category of technology that provides assistance to businesses in streamlining, automating, and measuring workflows and marketing tasks so that they would enhance their operational efficiency and achieve faster growth of revenue. BPM systems are indispensable tools for this purpose since they were developed to meet the challenges of increasing operational efficiency, helping revenue growth, and providing assistance in many other important areas. Marketing automation software offered by bmp’online is a holistic multichannel marketing management tool developed for companies that strive for excellence.

Why marketing automation software is important

Marketing automation software has many practical benefits whereof some are listed below:

  • It enhances the accountability of sales and marketing teams
  • It allows for more creativity and reduces repetition
  • It helps refine the company’s marketing processes
  • It results in the increase of revenue and average deal size
  • It drives down the company’s staffing costs

Special benefits for sales and marketing teams

Sales and marketing teams are the ones that benefit the most from the use of marketing automation software. Online marketing automation has one nice side effect – your marketing process become more refined. Further, it allows to target potential clients through multiple channels, which means that they can receive emails, phone calls, text messages at a certain stage of their customer journey.

Marketing automation platforms help keep your CRM data relevant by connecting your CRM system to your marketing automation tools. Your team members will know exactly when to call a customer by receiving alerts that a customer is looking at a certain page in real time. Your agents can avoid making cold calls since marketing automation tools will provide plenty of information on your leads.

Top 3 marketing automation systems

bpm'online marketing automation software

  1. Bpm’online offers some of the best marketing automation software powered out-of-the-box best practice processes. These marketing CRM tools have the following attractive features for potential users:
  • You can maintain a constant dialogue with your clients. Marketing tools allow for the use of a wide variety of methods to communicate with your customers. The tools that bpm’online offers have many options that enable for sending emails, making phone calls, and providing you with other tools for communication with customers.
  • Excellent processes for lead management. Agents that work with potential customers need to know whether their leads are sales qualified or not. They also need to be able to prioritize their leads based on the size of the deal or how likely they are to convert. Bpm’online CRM systems are very valuable to ensure that you can kick off your day staying focused on converting your best leads.
  • Easy-to-use interface that users love. You will enjoy working with streamlined, up-to-date user interface that has no redundant information. The online marketing software offered by bpm’online is user-friendly and delivers great user experience no matter what device you will use: tablet, smartphone, or laptop.


Marketo marketing automation software

  1. Marketo made its goal to help companies bring in the right customers through the use of its marketing CRM. This company’s product has the following features:
  • Measuring and optimizing the company’s marketing programs. The automation software assists in planning, coordinating, and sharing marketing activities through a single centralized calendar. Employees can coordinate activities across global branches, or schedule individual components of a single campaign.
  • Analysis and optimization of marketing efforts. The company’s agents can quickly know what is working and make necessary changes when needed. Marketo’s automation software allows creation of ad hoc reports and shows which marketing activities and programs result in deals.
  • Long-term relationships with customers. Marketo’s marketing automation tools assist in creation of automated email campaigns in a matter of minutes. This software is easy to use and no technical specialists are needed to run it. Updates can be sent to customers quickly as soon as their behaviors or demographics change.

Ziflow marketing automation software

  1. Ziflow is another company that delivers marketing automation software. The marketing automation tools that are offered to customers help focus on the most important work. They have the following features:
  • Automation of copying and moving of files has been made available. Ziflow’s marketing software provides tools for creation of all files. Depending on how employees like their files organized, this software helps identify file types and send them to proper folders.
  • This CRM marketing tools will keep your files moving through your workflow. Using the tools provided you can automatically make an update of the sharing settings with regard to particular files and make sure that every team member has the right files.
  • The marketing automation software notifies team members when new files are created. When new information comes, and the company’s employee wants to share it with other team members for review, he/she can do it by dropping a new file into a special folder.
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