Help Desk Software best options 2017

No matter what is the size of the business, its vital concern should always be customers and employees. Especially if it’s the hospitality industry, where personal relationships with customers are the main priority. Properly chosen helpdesk software can satisfy your company’s particular needs.

Today there is a great amount of options to pick the software which will suit your business size, type and necessities. Some of them are perfect for SMBs and others more suitable for larger organizations.

Which software to choose – BPM’online, Live Agent, Freshdesk or any other? You can choose between best products on IT market and get a free trial to make sure it suits your business.

Why customer help desk is effective

According to statistics, 70% of customers before contacting customer service prefer to look for answers on websites. So you can provide your customers with portal where they get necessary answers. They can easily find solutions to their problems with user friendly interface.

CRM (customer relationship management) software simplifies work of project administrators, business team members, and employees. It can be called in different ways – help desk, service desk or support desk software.

With its help it’s much easier to receive, process and respond to service requests. Life chat is the fastest and most convenient connection not only with real clients but with potential as well. Today service desk software is a strategic element in sales opportunities and business competitiveness.

Benefits of helpdesk software:

  • simplicity of usage;
  • powerful functions for multitask IT activities;
  • time-saving tools like triggers and automations;
  • intuitive interface and management tools;
  • social tie-ins that bring tickets from popular social networks;
  • “software-as-a-service” possibility that enables its usage without installation onto a local machine.

What are the best options of helpdesk products?

To determine best products for different types of businesses we sorted out 5 ones which have best reviews and are in great demand with business owners. These solutions are most highly rated by their direct users.

  1. BPM’online service desk software offers out-of-the-box processes for customer requests management and service operation. It suits needs of medium and large companies and provides with the possibility of omnichanel communications managing clients’ requests from email, chart, phone, social network and more. The software is web-based and is available from all devices with Internet support.

Bpm’online Service

Productive features:

  • personalization of communications with every single client;
  • complete cycle for ITIL process management;
  • instant delivery to the cloud and easy customization;
  • full synchronization and integration of all the data (accounts, contacts, catalogues, documents, etc.).
  1. Happy fox is a practical help desk and customer support software solution, which convert multichannel requests into tickets and helps keeping them organized. It can be recommended to young and growing businesses which need affordable communication and ticketing system. There are more than 20 integration options to customize functions for business processes here.

Happy fox_help desk

Productive features:

  • sorting all tickets based on priority and organizing based on a certain criteria;
  • integrable with many other already installed services;
  • time-saving automation tools;
  • quick resolutions of customers’ issues.
  1. Freshdesk helps solving business issues and give workflow transparency to employees. This support desk is effective for team collaboration and has really easy-to-use interface. You can manage support tickets under one universal inbox. It’s easy to work with different groups, workflows and procedures simultaneously.


Productive features:

  • easy categorization of tickets and assigning them to managers and specialists;
  • quick responses to common questions with the help of pre-formatted replies;
  • function of scenario automations for a series of tasks;
  • context of all past support interactions.
  1. Live Agent helpdesk system is a good all-in-one customer service framework. The software has one of the best ready-made plans for medium, small businesses and even larger corporations. This solution was designed by customer service agents. It’s suitable for medium-sized businesses.


Productive features:

  • immediate connection with customers in real time via different channels (widget, email, call-service, social networks);
  • unified storage enables to view queries from different channels in a single window;
  • live chat and 173 help desk features in one application;
  • inbuilt phone system gives you very own local number for any location of the world.
  1. JIRA Service Desk gives customers free access to support and makes it’s easier for enterprise’s team to solve issues. Configurable dashboards have extensive selection of supported widgets.


Productive features:

  • smart system of preventing duplicate issues with similar search;
  • creating new issues just via mail without any other tools;
  • possibility to set up your customized communication portal;
  • real-time tracking of current software processes in which users are managed as agents, customers and collaborators.

How to start

Finding ideal software for certain business needs might be challenging and requires a lot of time-consuming analysis. If you have any doubts, you can easily find a tutorial to learn how the system works and how to make your service desk work better.

All the software solutions offer free trials and different price plans which is very convenient and give possibility of adjusting to your current business needs. So choose the solution with best options for your business and find out its weak and strong sides during trial period. Then buy the full version.

Start placing people over processes today or you competitors will do it first.



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