Email Marketing Software: Creating a Marketing Campaign from A to Z

Email marketing campaigns are an integral part of any business. Newsletters, prospects, information about sales and bonuses enable companies to keep in touch with their customers.

Business process management software is the best solution for business automation and for efficient sales results.

Background Information

Bpm’online offers CRM software, which unifies sales, marketing and customer service on a single platform. Before getting down to its features for email marketing, it is useful to look at its products broadly.

  • Marketing Tools. Modern interface of BPM system suitable for any device keeps users concentrated on what’s the most relevant. In addition to lead marketing, synchronization and productivity tools, BMP offers a wide range of email marketing tools. Users create trigger emails on the basis of clients’ behavior, product comparison, shopping carts, etc. Marketing platform enables users to establish long-term relations with every customer and optimize email marketing as it will be explained below.
  • Sales Tools. This automation product is dedicated for full cycle management, which guarantees excellent results from lead to order. It manages every stage of sales internal processes and analyses it quickly and efficiently through execution metrics. Thanks to BPM tools,
    users can manage and monitor emails in a single environment. Emails are classified depending on objects, deadlines and importance and linked to the corresponding account. Integration with Google, MS Outlook and MS Exchange enables to keep track of all commercial correspondence and not miss any detail or request. Sales tools also include unified product catalogue, order lists, payment schedules, templates for invoices, contract database, mobile sales and other features for automated processes. Data import, synchronization and integration with other platforms and system designer make it even easier to organize the whole process. Visual content designer offers ready-made templates for documents and emails. The system can optimize the way emails are viewed on different devices.
  • Service Tools. Customer service software contains various tools for managing multichannel communications, customer requests and service operations. It has two platforms, Customer Center and Service Enterprise. Both of them allow customer segmentation, viewing service history and analyzing customer database. Case database enables to accumulate all cases in one section and divide them into various categories. Analytics tools help to monitor the effectiveness of case resolutions. The system has a unified service catalogue to simplify the work of service managers. Agent home tool allows for controlling request queues, sharing the data via ESN and keeping records of performance. Dashboards and process log help to monitor and analyze process metrics.

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Email Marketing Software

Features of Email Marketing Software

Now it is possible to create an email marketing campaign from A to Z without designers and IT specialists.

As it was said above, personalized email marketing is one of the features of bpm’online marketing platform. It provides users with the following benefits:

  • Sending Bulk Emails. The system is integrated with Elastic and UniOne that enables sending emails to all recipients at the same time. It is also possible to define sending time and track responses from recipients.
  • Macros of BPM software helps to personalize email content.
  • Visual Content Designer. Users don’t need to spend much time creating emails any more: content designer has a set of ready-made content templates. The system optimizes the way emails are viewed on different devices.
  • Click Statistics. Bulk email clicks are important for analyzing advertising campaigns. This tool shows the best time for emails, the most popular links and other parameters for detailed analytics.
  • Email Split Testing. Email marketing software helps to create a few versions of emails for the target audience to see which one is the most efficient. The statistics compares the results of email campaigns.
  • Communication Management. Built-in mechanisms offer a full range of tools for managing communications with clients. Users can limit the number of messages for a certain period of time and monitor subscriptions.
  • UTM Codes Tracking. UTM codes are used to analyze conversion rates and track customers who click links from bulk emails.
  • Bulk Email Analytics. User can analyze email campaigns with reports and dashboards. Different segments of the target audience have their own goals and interests. Email marketing software shows which topics, promotions, bonuses and discounts mostly interest the audience, what device they were using and what links and documents were the most popular. Users can also view hard bounce, soft bounce, a number of unsubscribes, spam and other parameters necessary for a detailed analysis. This information will help to make or change emails that will improve conversion rates and sales.

Therefore, a company obtains the following benefits:

  • It creates campaigns easily and quickly.
  • Managers respond to customers instantly and do not miss any of them.
  • A company drives good results with personalized emails.
  • Customer segments are updated based on customers’ behavior and changes and are always up to date.
  • Email deliverability.
  • Emails look good on any device.
  • Email campaigns work anywhere, anytime.
  • Quick rescheduling and reviewing of current email campaigns.

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Bpm’online has its own Academy where users can find out more about platform tutorials, documentation for industries, trainings and certification for confirming proficiency. They can also visit developers’ community and discuss any matters related to business process management.

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