Email Marketing Campaign

Your emails must be educational. A successful email will contain at least 80 percent educational material. Only 20 percent of the material should be sales driven.

It is important that the title of the email sound educational so that the viewer will be encouraged to open it. The average computer user only opens about 60% of their emails, so make sure that yours will get open by making the title snappy and educational.

The emails must be written with the reader in mind. Make sure that you do not use company lingo. The best way to do this is to send the email to someone who knows nothing about your industry and see if they understand it. The emails should also be written to the reading level of most of your customers. Except in very rare circumstances, most emails should be written at the fourth grade level. Incidentally, the email should contain no grammar or spelling errors.

The emails must address current needs of the customers. Do some research and find out what problems, normal customers encounter. Then tell the customer how to solve that problem or how your product will solve their problem. In doing this, you are driving up your sales by educating the public on the solution that they need.

People do not want to read the same thing many times. By making sure that you are delivering unique content, you are establishing yourself as an authority in the field. People want to buy from an expert, that they feel is reliable. This will drive up your sales.

Email marketing campaigns can be very successful. They must educate the customer and not be sales driven. The second important factor of a successful email campaign is that they are well written so that your customers will understand what you are telling them. The emails must address current needs of your customer base and be unique establishing yourself as an expert in the field. Successful email campaigns can be fun to produce.

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