Email Marketing Best Practices

Though statistics may indicate that about 40-50 % of marketing email land in the spam box, but this is not always true. For many reputable and professional marketers, the get through rate is much lower than 20 % and many marketers report very low loss percentage of about 4 %.

Here we are discussing few email marketing best practices that can assist email marketers in the best email deliverability.


You should get your email program certified through any vendor to attain greater reputation. After certification, your marketing messages become much more reputable and acceptable to ISPs and they will be delivered to the inbox. There will be less chance of your message getting filtered or blocked.

Delivered emails are actually not always delivered!

Many email marketers think that the total mails that are delivered by their software actually land in recipient inboxes. However, this is not always true as it just reflects that your message was not sent back as undeliverable. In order to get success with email marketing you’ll have to put requisite logging and tracking in place so as to gain more insight into your real delivery statistics.

Necessity of seeding your campaign

Seeding actually means sending your marketing messages to few “test accounts”. This is vital because each combination of email software, OS and ISP will eventually display your messages differently. It’s essential for you to view your emails on all these platforms. It is necessary for you to send your messages first to this seed list before sending them to your real mailing list. This actually permits you to identify issues or problems before they are seen by all your recipients.

Keep high reputation

You need to keep your messages clean and to the point to get through to inbox. If you are getting few complaints from a particular ISP and have impressive open rate, then surely your delivery rate could be astronomical! It’s just a matter of keeping your reputation high and all your customers satisfied.

Pay adequate attention to your subscribers

Quite often internet marketers just forget as to whom they are actually marketing to. In short, just keep up with click thoughts, new subscriptions, total people who unsubscribed and click through rate, as they are one of the best email marketing practices. Make your email content interesting and useful and keep things fresh. Just give top priority to what your customers want.

Make it your aim to target those customers who are interested in your message, ones you can connect with, and the segment that can assist you in your business growth plans.


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