More Deals in Less Time: Process-driven CRM Solutions for your Business

CRM systems have been developed to simplify business activity and make relationships with customers better. It’s high time to study innovative solutions and choose the most suitable one for your company. 

Bpm’online. One of outstanding features of Bpm’online is alignment between sales, marketing and service in one platform. All working processes are modified and upgraded quickly and easily. Bpm’online marketing has a variety of tools for marketing campaigns, e-mail marketing and event management. Users can build their target audience and send bulk emails, track the efficiency of different channels and analyze the results of campaigns. Sales solutions help to generate leads, monitor each stage of sales and make sales forecasting. Service application completely manages multichannel communications with customers through emails, phone, chat and social networks. Smart CRM system tools ease and fasten all routine processes. Try a free trial version at


Bitrix24. Bitrix24 provides users with a platform which manages and monitors relationships with potential and existing customers. It unifies telephony, HR, documentation, CRM, projects and social network. All new events including phone calls, messages from the web-sites and emails are logged automatically. The software enables to create custom fields, adjust statuses and make invoices. With CRM software dashboards users can see all leads, projects and invoices. Sales funnels and reports help employees to analyze business processes and track progress. Learn about Bitrix24 now at


SalesForce. Thanks to cloud-based tools companies will close deals faster than ever. Sales Cloud and Salesforce IQ products allow tem members to manage all contacts, sell smarter and track activities. is an application which helps to offer personalized service on each channel. Marketing Cloud and Pardot are CRM products which have been developed for marketing automation. Commerce Cloud Digital deals with promotions, merchandising and other commerce issues. Explore all products at


Zoho CRM. An ideal CRM software offers different solutions to simplify business processes. Zoho CRM combines social, telephony and emails tools help to reach new customers. Visitor tracking and email analytics tools enable to view customers’ behavior on your web-sites. Territory management tools allow to segment clients into territories and reflect demands of each group. The system’s mobile editions give access to all operations on Android, iPhone and other devices. Get ready to become faster and smarter with

Zoho CRM

Agile CRM.  Agile is one of the best CRM solutions which has a central database with all information about customers. The system integrates marketing, sales and service in one place. Notifications, real-time alerts and activity logs help to know more about clients’ behavior. All visits to your web-sites are tracked and analyzed through location, visiting time and segment. The automated lead scoring enables to increase sales, and personalized massages help with better ROI. All calls from clients are recorded instantly in the CRM. Grow your business with

Agile CRM

Dynamics. CRM Dynamics developed by Microsoft automates sales processes and implements with the existing operational systems. It’s one of cloud-based CRM solutions which deals with inventory, orders and invoices, supports knowledge base and calendars, ease sales processes and arranges marketing campaigns. Dynamics also offers multiple hosting options and integration with different systems. If you trust Microsoft products, try


Fieldbook. Online CRM solutions of Fieldbook include task list, project tracking, personal CRM, workshop planning and other tools for day-to-day activities. Non-profit organizations can track donors and contributions thanks to donor database. Managers can also track employee assignments, status and hours. Event managers will definitely enjoy workshop planning with multiple tracks. It even identifies the capacity of each conference room. Sprint tracker tools collect information on completed work and its progress. Try a personal CRM at


NetSuite. NetSuite streamlines lead processes, assesses productivity across the company, improves sales performance and manages global sales. CRM solutions online include sales force and marketing automation tools and customer support and service. In addition to that, NetSuite offers various tools for partner relationship management. It boosts collaboration with partners, deals with partner commissions and royalties and monitors partner-focused sales. Users can support their partners with marketing tracking capabilities and optimization of channel programs. Knowledge management tools enable clients to get access to the relevant information they need. Out-of-office resolution on any device makes work even easier and more comfortable. Find out more about NetSuite product and solutions at

NetSuite CRM Solutions

Prophet. Any industry has its unique needs. Prophet offer CRM for retail banking, event planning, insurance, real estate, finance and other spheres of business. The software is embedded into MS Outlook integrating all features and data. Sales pipeline management allows for filtering to ensure quick results. All repetitive sales tasks are automated. Prophet is integrated with many other platforms and existing CRM. Moreover, the system offers different statistics solutions such as GridView reports, activity-based reports, visual CRM analytics and sales stages metrics. View online demo version at


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