The Most Common Mistakes People Make With CRM Solutions

Even though businesses have been relying on CRM solutions for some time, there are still many mistakes people make when it comes to implementing, using, or choosing a good CRM software. This is something you cannot allow. If you choose a wrong solution or set it up incorrectly, you will have a tougher time than before you got the software itself.

This is a big problem for many organizations and that’s why we’ve decided to share some of the most common mistakes that happen so that you can learn how to avoid them. Any business investment needs to be effective and this includes implementing software solutions effectively.

These complex systems need to be used properly and there are many mistakes you can make. Take a look at what they are and how you can avoid them.

Not considering the users when getting a CRM


If you want your business to adopt a CRM, use it properly, and ultimately improve its operations through such software, you need to make sure that your employees, or the end users of the software, are actively involved in your search for a good solution.

You need to ensure that your employees like the software and that they find it useful for their needs. Talk about all of the benefits it will give them, how it will make their jobs easier and how it can automate tasks that are boring and repetitive.

A good options is to find a CRM vendor that offers a free trial. This is how you can instantly give access to your employees and let them use the CRM, test it out, and see its upsides and downsides. Make sure to find a solution that has a short learning curve so that employees can quickly get used to using it.

Finding a CRM that doesn’t scale

Most business organizations looking for a CRM choose a solution based on their current needs and workload. Although this is a natural way of choosing a good fit, you also need to consider the future and those potential moments when your business will expand.

Most enterprises get a CRM for their current size and this solution works well for them for couple of years and then they get into a bad situation. This is why you need to make sure that you find a vendor that has many different packages depending on your business size, needs and budget.

You cannot allow your employees to get used to one CRM then get a new one just a year and a half later. Not only that it will take time for your employees to learn to use the new software, but they also might be resistant towards something like that.

Not utilizing on potential integrations


First of all, when choosing CRM solutions you should always look to find one with many integrations and an API. Chances are that your business probably uses many different tools for daily operations and you need to bring these tools closer to the CRM.

Forcing employees to switch back and forth between different apps, tools and programs can be a big nuisance that can reduce productivity and even cause employees to make mistakes they normally wouldn’t. For example, if you use email for business purposes, make sure to find a CRM that can be integrated with an email service.

Additionally, all of the customer information coming from this kind of channel will instantly be available in your CRM is well integrated. Integrations make the whole thing easier and allow you to create a reliable communication channel between different tools that are vital to your business.

Getting an on-site solution

on-site solution

One of the most important decisions you have to make when getting any kind of business software solution and not just a CRM is to choose between a cloud based and on-site system. Software solutions that require deployment on-site are simply outdated and cloud-based solutions beat them in every aspect.

Don’t make the mistakes of choosing an in-house solution because it can cost you a lot of resources. First of all, you will need time to set it up and if your employees can’t handle it, you will have to pay for IT experts to do this for you. You will also be forced to update your software manually and perform installations once again when you need to scale.


As a final tip, don’t be too ambitious when choosing between CRM solutions and get one that has too many features you don’t really need. This will only confuse employees and cause a lot of clutter in their work. Stick to your needs while having the option to upgrade your package when and if needed.

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