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When it comes to business promotion, the potential of emailing marketing is still enormous. Companies of different types and sizes consider investing in an intelligent cloud email marketing software, which is a true digital solution that can help increase the conversion rate of a company’s website, attract new customers, develop personalized email campaigns, and eventually, boost sales and profits.

Sophisticated Cloud Email Marketing Software can provide a plethora of powerful tools to design and execute any email campaign: inbuilt JavaScript and HTML templates, landing page editor, and mailing list management are just some features of a good emailing application. Actually, a top-notch system like bpmonline goes far beyond this standard functionality. Let us provide a deep insight into the key competences of a smart Cloud Email Marketing Software and how companies can benefit from deploying it.

What can Cloud Email Marketing Software do?

Cloud Email Marketing Software

The main feature of a cloud email marketing suite is email personalization. Sending personalized emails is not labor-intensive when you have a few clients in your database. But how can you deliver personalized, one-to-one communication having thousands of contacts to reach out? This is where an email-marketing platform can be really helpful.

Often, email marketing management is an integral part of a broader BPM software meaning the users can create email content in an intuitive drag-n-drop manner to catch a reader’s attention. The creation of cloud email campaign is a sort of business process management so that it can be presented as a graphical chart. The “What You See is What You Get” email engine makes it possible to edit and test newsletters for spam, deliverability, and other issues before sending.

The participants can choose which elements should be included in an email from a preconfigured content library where custom HTML can easily be uploaded from other systems. These elements could be links, a corporate logo, such CTAs as “start survey” button, an “order now button”, different images, and whatever the users like.

Excellent cloud email marketing software comes with robust CRM capabilities including contact database, lead management, cross-channel communication, search and segmentation tools, prospect online behavior tracking, and conversion analysis. The account database provides for creating detailed customer profiles with the history of previous interactions and purchases. Leveraging this information, e-commerce marketers can develop more personalized and relevant email content.

Extensive analytic and statistic features of cloud email marketing software makes it possible to see, which emails have been delivered, opened, clicked through, subscribed/unsubscribed, which links are the most/least popular among your audience, and more. The click stats provides for identifying prospects’ interests and tracking the failure and success of email campaigns, hence, enabling the frontline staff to make necessary corrections based on the statistical evidence.

Email Marketing Designer

To stay in touch with the audience, cloud email marketing software requires custom auto-responders. Advanced BPM system can generate emails automatically based on specific events, such as a client’s birthday, professional day, etc. The auto-respondent ensures that welcome emails, thank-you emails, and letters of notification will be sent at the proper time to the target groups without any human assistance. Notably, the letters sent by an auto-respondent are opened and clicked through much often than typical newsletters driving more traffic to a corporate website.

Survey management is an advanced feature of business process management software coupled with cloud email marketing functionality. With such a solution, teams can quickly and painlessly develop and tailor online surveys and send them as email campaigns to the selected contacts or groups of contacts. Solid cloud email marketing software like bpmonline offers hundreds of survey and questionnaires templates formats with an option to upload HTML template designs from different sources. Surveys sent via emails help companies to better understand their customers’ needs and concerns, identify the areas of business improvement, and use the survey results to promote relevant products/services.

To enhance customer journey, cloud email marketing software must smoothly integrate with social media allowing the users to design landing pages and send web versions of their email campaigns to a company’s followers in Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. Such a program can monitor the engagement of every email campaign posted by the BPM users in the social sites including views, likes, shares, and comments. The duo of cloud email software and social media marketing keeps your subscribers well-informed about the copmany’s new products/services/promotions and contributes to gaining customer loyalty.

Enterprises always want to invest into multifunctional programs that will ensure higher ROI and help them achieve desired business outcomes. There is a comprehensive list of critical features that the cutting-edge cloud email marketing software must provide:

  • Email editor with custom design options
  • Multi-channel campaign management
  • HTML library
  • Template management
  • Spam check
  • Tracking and reporting (bounce, click-through, website visitor online behavior)
  • Custom auto-responder
  • Survey management
  • Social media marketing
  • Contact management
  • List management
  • Segmentation wizard
  • Third-party integration

 Benefiting from Cloud Email Marketing Software

Cloud email marketing software as a component of a broader BPM system is not about managing contact lists, sending bulk emails or handling unsubscribe requests. This is about the way to get closer to the clients and thus, capitalize on their requirements.

Cloud email software delivers targeted marketing – i.e. basing on the customers’ status, location, demographics or any other attribute, the users can customize highly personalized email content that will perfectly meet the audience’s needs and increase the conversion rate.

Cloud email marketing software helps companies gain strong brand credibility, as emails are extremely shareable. Such kind of software enables its users to create bright, eye-catching email content that can be reposted and commented with a click.

Getting deep insights about the audience, their demands and expectations is another advantage of the full-featured cloud email marketing software. Its embedded metrics (delivery rates, subscriber acquisition rates, click heat map) enable the users to identify which type of email content the customers are most/least responsive to and utilize this valuable information to develop more successful marketing campaigns.

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