BPM Email Marketing: Reach Your Audience With Maximum Efficiency

Email marketing helps enterprises and companies to reach various marketing goals and attract customers. This is one of the most widespread marketing methods. Most often, email marketing is performed with the help of hosting providers and post services. But there is one more thing that may help you: BPM software serves in sending bulk emails and gathering statistics regarding customer behavior and engagement.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Just like many other marketing techniques, email marketing is aimed at attracting potential and loyal customers and encouraging them to make purchases or using your services. This method is preferable in cases when you need to ensure maximum efficiency and coverage of audience.

Personalized messages make customers believe you have individual approach. This way, a client knows he or she may always address your team, being sure that they are ready to help with various issues and the choice of products. Besides, emails are read and observed more often than conventional advertisements, which allows informing the right people with less effort.

Another undeniable advantage of email marketing is easily performed with the help of CRM solutions and is relatively low at its cost. A usual advertisement campaign on TV or mass media is far more expensive, and does not necessarily bring the desired conversion rates. Sending emails, you reach the right audience and build up the image of a successful and well-established company. Furthermore, discover the following

Bulk email analytics

Bulk email analytics

How bpm’online Can Help You?

Email marketing is one of the tools used in business process management, so our top-notch solutions can perform this task for you. Thanks to integration with leading email service providers, BPM system can send messages to millions of customers instantly. Besides, you can add up to the list of providers by using the cloud email service connector. So what can the programs of the kind do for your business?

  1. When you specify a sending time and the list of recipients, the software will do the rest: send messages, track response time and analyze reaction together with engagement.
  2. The software features a WYSIWYG designer that allows for creating email campaigns in a matter of few minutes. You simply choose ready content templates and add your company logo. Besides, the program will show you how the email is displayed on different devices.
  3. Thanks to personalization options, you can personalize emails and their content, making the communication more effective. That helps to increase sales and loyalty of clients.
  4. While performing email marketing campaigns, you can simultaneously perform testing to see which messages are more attractive for recipients. Compare the statistics and choose the most efficient and engaging templates. Besides, you can analyze bulk email clicks and define which links are the most popular. BPM tools will provide you with all necessary statistics to find out what your clients like and expect.
  5. In-built UTM codes allow for analyzing customers’ actions on your website. Track recipients’ activities and decide how to optimize your business and website for better conversion and sales.
  6. With the help of our software, you can give customers the opportunity to manage communication processes. They can subscribe for the topics they are interested in, while you can set a daily, weekly, or monthly limit of messages sent.
Email split testing

Email split testing in bpm’online CRM

Bpm’online CRM software gives you unlimited opportunities to perform effective and trouble-free email marketing campaign.

Will My Company Benefit From Email Marketing?

It depends on whether your company is present in the Net or not. As a rule, all more or less advanced organizations have a website where they display basic information about products and services, as well as promote and sell them. Email marketing will help you to inform potential and devoted customers about innovative products, sales and other business related news. You will get the following benefits:

  • No need to hire online marketing manager – the software will send messages and analyze customers’ reaction for you.
  • This is a cheaper alternative to other methods of email sending.
  • Using email marketing, you will be able to inform all potential and real clients about sales and news in time. Keep in touch with your audience and keep it engaged and interested.
  • Track users’ actions to analyze the quality of your service, products and website and optimize your company accordingly.

With business process management software, sending bulk emails becomes easier and safer. At the time when some providers and email services block marketing emails and put them into Spam folder, with BPM software that does not happen. BPM and CRM tools ensure effective delivery without having your messages marked as SPAM. You can easily define how many letters were opened and read, and what was the reaction of recipients.

Where to Order BPM Solutions?

If you need high-quality BPM software for performing email marketing and other mission-critical tasks, bpm’online is always ready to help you. Its state-of-the-art instruments and tools are created for helping with controlling and promoting your business effectively. Contact us, and we will find a solution tailored specifically for your needs and requirements. Our software ensures maximum efficiency, reliability, and security.

Read about the benefits of BPM for email marketing on https://www.bpmonline.com/marketing/email-marketing and don’t hesitate to order a program for your enterprise. Reach every potential customer with bulk email and in-depth analysis!

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