Best Customer Database Software

Database is the cornerstone of modern business. Every enterprise, irrespective from its size, location, and industry area is nothing but data. Customer data, along with the places of its storage, circulation, and analysis. This is why efficient and thorough management of customer database has become a matter of primary importance for all modern enterprises. In order to address the challenge adequately they apply to customer database softwares – the platforms covering all the applications and electronic bulletin boards used by the organizations to answer various questions. Besides, the systems of the kind help support professional deal with queries and complaints.

Customer Database Software

Modern vendors offer a variety of solutions for building a customer database, each of which has its own characteristic features and benefits. Nevertheless, there is something in common about all of them. For instance, the systems of the kind let enterprises store their client data in the same place, acquire information from different sources, analyze and distribute it in accordance with the company’s basic objectives. As for other tools and features of modern customer database softwares, they may vary widely from one solution to another. The choice of certain platform depends, first of all, on the organization’s unique needs and requirements.

We’ve prepared the updated list of the most popular and effective database systems empowering modern businesses all over the world:

  1. Bpm’online

This cloud-hosted solution lets sales managers keep all client data in the same place, segment buyers by different parameters, identify and remove duplicate entries, and perform a variety of other tasks. With bpm’online customer database, you will obtain a 360 degree view of every client and acquire data from multiple channels. What is more, the system lets specialists analyze their day-to-day operations and the overall service performance, making changes and removing bottlenecks when necessary. Using this customer profile database, companies get a great opportunity to manage clients’ requests much faster and in a more personalized manner.

  1. Oracle

This system lets organizations migrate their workloads to the cloud, analyze the data in real time, and grant access to the company’s critical data to certain employee roles. The software simplifies access to the customer database for IT specialists and developers. You can select one of the predetermined roles and work in accordance with the system’s guidelines. The innovative tools of Oracle Database will help you analyze customer information in real time, acquire the necessary data from different sources, and sort it through in line with the organization’s needs.

  1. IMB Informix

This object-oriented customer database software provides a variety of tools for keeping data available for all the corporate employees. It lets sales managers focus on the company’s core business aims, while the software will assure compliance with the basic data management requirements. It is important to note that Informix enterprise class database is easily integrated with SQL, NoSQL, and other storage technologies. The platform has a unique capability to combine unstructured and structured pieces of information in a seamless manner. Besides, it can be up and running in a matter of minutes, not days.

  1. SQL Server 2016

It is a cloud customer database software, which lets enterprises create mission-critical, intelligent applications for OLTP with foremost scalability and performance. The platform protects the company’s critical data both at rest and in motion, helps specialists transform it into actionable insights, and review it directly within the system. It lets sales managers analyze their customer data using the popular statistical language called ‘R’. With SQL Server data visualization tools, you will be able to distribute the firm’s workload between the local datacenter, the private cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

  1. Airtable

This online customer database software is designed, first of all, for small business and teams inside larger enterprises. It helps sales managers organize people, ideas, and things in real time and collaboratively build insights for the company’s specific needs. The platform has a variety of tools for effective editing and commenting of data. Besides, Airtable customers database software provides a unique system of fields, which can handle any content: they add attachments, create long text notes, make checkboxes, link records to tables, and perform a variety of other tasks.

  1. Teradata

This solution is frequently used by large scale retailers and telecom companies. It offers modern enterprises a number of unique features: for instance, the software can optimize process queries, filter incoming data by certain criteria, and so on. The intelligent tools of Teradata let sales specialists analyze and predict buyers’ behaviour on the basis of the information stored in the company’s data bank. What is more, with this customer database software, organizations can enable new service models and elastic network scaling.

  1. Navicat Premium

Navicat Premium is a database administration instrument allowing enterprises to simultaneously connect to other data stores. It can be integrated with MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, and so on. This platform lets sales managers transfer information across different systems and change the formats of files. It is a perfect solution for customer database management, as it provides the opportunity to prioritize jobs for different types of databases and schedule the databases’ periodic backups. The software features the intelligent tools for import/export of data, smart query/report builders, data synchronization instruments, and more.

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